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Reusable Digital Identity

We are launching a new digital identity service, unlike any other. Quantum resilient encryption and trimodal biometrics for deep-fake protection, ultrasecurity and more personal choice. Private by design and designed for VIP experience when  you want to be recognised. It's in a private beta now and will be publicly available soon. Identity verification and biometric MFA for businesses in the one service. Safely store, manage and reuse your identity!

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Leading technologies combined 


Millions of people each individual and in control of their own identity

At identiblue, we offer a private, ultrasecure, and convenient reusable digital identity. Our world class partner and in-house technologies are designed to keep your personal information safe, while providing you with the ease and convenience of accessing your identity from your smartphone. Fingerprint, face and voice biometrics. Click the button below to subscribe to our mailing list. Even when we have millions of members each will have control of their own identity.

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We look foward to sharing more detail soon

Private and Ultrasecure

Our digital identity technology is designed with your privacy and security in mind. We use advanced encryption and authentication protocols to protect sensitive information. 

Innovative business solutions

Protect the privacy and security of customers whilst meeting your regulatory obligations with identity verification, MFA and more...

Convenient and Reusable

Enrol once to unlock a world of seamless experiences.

How identiblue Works


Create Your Identity

Getting started with identiblue is easy. Simply create your digital identity within a few minutes and start using it right away.



Access Anywhere

Once you have your digital identity, say hello to a whole new world of convenience.

About Us

About identiblue

Private, Ultrasecure, Convenient

identiblue is a digital identity service by Blue Biometrics (Blue). Blue was founded is Australia and now also operates in the United States and the United Kingdom. We believe that your personal information is just that - personal. That's why we've created a digital identity solution that is private, ultrasecure, and convenient. With identiblue, you can be sure that your personal information is safe and secure. We look forward to sharing more information about the journey that brought our growing global team together and the exciting futurre we would like to share with you!


Beta - Businesses and governments contact us now for an exclusive briefing and to apply to join the beta

"Brilliant...this can't happen soon enough."

Senior Global Technology


"Crypto needs to get ready to combat deep-fakes."

Digital Assets Executive

"This is exactly what the industry needs...not tied to any hardware."

Blockchain Entrepreneur

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