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Reusable Digital Identity

Private | Ultrasecure | Convenient

We are launching a new digital identity service, unlike any other. Quantum resilient encryption and trimodal biometrics for deep-fake protection, ultrasecurity and more personal choice. Private by design and designed for VIP experience when  you want to be recognised. Identity verification and biometric MFA for businesses in the one service. Safely store, manage and reuse your identity!

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Millions of people, each individual and in control of their own identity

At identiblue, we offer a private, ultrasecure, and convenient reusable digital identity. Our world class partner and in-house technologies are designed to keep your personal information safe, while providing you with the ease and convenience of accessing your identity from your smartphone, with fingerprint, face and voice biometrics. Click the button below to subscribe to our mailing list. Even when we have millions of members, each will have control of their own identity.

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Trimodal contactless biometrics

Smartphone cameras for biometric collection:

  • A single selfie video for simultaneous facial recognition, voice recognition and a spoken six-digit one-time code displayed on screen.

  • Separately, the rear camera is used to capture a single fingerprint, on either the left or right hand. This provides a full fingerprint image, overcoming the quality and functionality limitations of built-in fingerprint sensors. identiblue can also be used on devices that don’t have fingerprint sensors.



We have carefully designed a platform to that aligns member (consumer) and business needs using an innovative combination of world-class partner technologies and in-house software. 

Private by design

Consumers in control of their own identity. The architecture prevents misuse of biometrics by businesses. It provides freedom from reliance on government systems or big tech companies with conflicting business models. The platform is designed for identity verification. It does NOT provide one to many search of biometrics.

Quantum resilient encryption

Biometrics are stored at rest with quantum resilient encryption. The threat of quantum computers to cybersecurity is now, because of the risk of Harvest Now Decrypt Later (HNDL). Quantum resilient encryption protects against the worst case scenario of stolen data by preventing HNDL success.

Trimodal contactless biometrics

Fingerprint, face and voice biometrics combine to offer enhanced security and more consumer choice for the best UX. All biometric captures for enrolments and verifications are contactless, using smartphone camera and microphone. Biometrics are NOT stored on the device. Unlike some local smartphone limited systems, loss of a device does not disrupt the account.

Defence against deepfakes

Multiple layers of Presentation Attack Defence (PAD) further reinforce the inherently more secure trimodal biometrics model. Contact us for a detailed briefing on PAD and configuration options. Further security innovations are under development.

How identiblue works



Getting started with identiblue is easy.

A person can enrol their digital identity within a few minutes and start using it right away.

identiblue enrolment_edited_edited.jpg

Customer downloads a business app (with embedded identiblue) or the identiblue app. If using the identiblue app, the customer scans a proprietary QR code that links the process to the business they wish to verify with.

identiblue enrolment_edited.jpg
identiblue in Google Play.png
identiblue enrolment_edited.jpg

Customer enrols their identity in-app, with a passport, or other trusted ID, biometrically verified. Face, fingerprint and voice are enrolled via smartphone camera.

identiblue enrolment_edited.jpg
identiblue biographical details.png
identiblue enrolment_edited_edited_edite

Biometrics and document images are stored at rest in the UK, on identiblue servers, and protected with quantum resilient encryption. The business seeking the verification only stores biographical details consented to but does NOT store biometrics.

identi enrolled screen identiblue.png

Many ways to reuse

Once enrolled, a new digital identity member can say hello to a whole new world of convenience with the business they joined through and beyond as the network grows.


The same enrolment is reused for authentication.

The customer scans a proprietary QR code or initiates a process embedded in a business app. 1 to 3 biometrics used.

Authentication identiblue.png

Customers can reuse with other businesses, that accept identiblue, without a new enrolment. 1 to 3 biometrics. Video capture simultaneously for face, voice and a onetime code.

identiblue face and voice video.png
Face image.png

More ways to reuse

If your business, or a business you are a customer of, does not yet use identiblue, 

contact us to join a growth network. 

About Us

About identiblue

identiblue is a digital identity service by Blue Biometrics (Blue). Blue was founded is Australia and now also operates in the United States and the United Kingdom. We believe that your personal information is just that - personal. That's why we've created a digital identity solution that is private, ultrasecure, and convenient. 

Private | Ultrasecure | Convenient

Australia  |  United Kingdom  |  United States

A personal message from the CEO of Blue Biometrics

identiblue is a reusable digital identity platform, by Blue Biometrics. It will deliver an unprecedented combination of privacy, ultrasecurity and convenience, by combining world-class technology from our in-house innovations and technology partners.

This is just the beginning. Whether you’re a business operator, government representative, regulator or a member using your digital identity, we want to engage with you to build the world’s best digital identity platform. If you would like to help build identiblue we are open to interest from world-class engineering and business talent. We care most about ethics, ability and attitude.


As a former police officer, my career has always been about protecting people and their property. To scale that mission, identiblue is designed to facilitate the personal freedom of legal identity, whilst protecting individuals from fraud and misuse of their data. In other words, it puts your identity at your fingertips, online and in-person.

identiblue offers compelling value for a huge variety of businesses that need identity verification and authentication services, whilst allowing businesses to remain authentically aligned with the experience, privacy and security expectations of consumers.

We are passionate about technology but driven by integrity.




Kenneth King MBA


The business case is compelling

Business case identiblue_edited_edited.png

Lower friction

Onboard new customers smoothly. Even faster and easier if they already use identiblue. Lowering the friction of your onboarding process, without compromising on compliance and security, increases the conversion of real identified people to customers, for the benefit of your profitability.

Reduce costs

Identity verification (IDV) for know-your-customer (KYC) and biometric multifactor authentication (MFA) through the one service. Reduce the combined cost. Customers, or employees, use their enrolment for both IDV and MFA. The seamless progression increases security and reduces IT support costs.

Aid compliance

AML/CTF compliance is demanding and is often coupled with anti-fraud obligations, such as in the EU MiCA legislation. Privacy regulations must be met in parallel. IDV and MFA needs are not limited to customers, employees can use identiblue. Industry specific customisations, such as anonymous age verification for regulated products.

Increase security

Deep-fakes are a growing threat, used to steal or fake consumer identities, and impersonate employees. identiblue delivers a unique and customisable trimodal biometric solution (face+ fingerprint + voice), with built-in defences. Your business lowers the risk of a data breach by adding the security of biometrics, without the risk of storing biometrics or document copies. Instead, they are stored by identiblue with quantum resilient encryption. Improve security beyond IT systems, such as physical access control.

Brand positioning

Optimise the onboarding UX for customers or employees, whilst authentically positioning your brand with demonstrable privacy and security measures. As the identiblue user base grows your business will benefit from the network effects, such as a higher proportion of new customers with an existing identiblue enrolment (delivering a faster and lower cost process). Flexible APIs for design of both security and UX. For example, giving consumers a choice of biometric modality, where appropriate. Optionally co-brand the identiblue app.

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Applications in almost every industry - contact us now for an industry specific briefing

"Brilliant...this can't happen soon enough."

Senior Global Technology


"Crypto needs to get ready to combat deep-fakes."

Digital Assets Executive

"This is exactly what the industry needs...not tied to any hardware."

Blockchain Entrepreneur

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